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Anti-bacterial and Adaptive Clothing for 2011

Happy New Year and Thank You for a Great 2010!

2011 is going to be an exciting year for all of us at The Cast Clothing Co as we are planning the official launch of our Men’s and Women’s lines of Adaptive Clothing as well as the very first re-chargeable, anti-bacterial line of baby clothing and products. Our Men’s and Boy’s line is “R Marquis Men’s and Boys Custom Adaptive Fashions”. “Olivia Mychals Women’s and Junior’s Custom Adaptive Fashions” is our women’s and young ladies line and we are very excited to be able to launch the first line of re-chargeable, anti-bacterial baby clothing and products with the launch of “Baby O” by Olivia Mychals

Although much work still needs to be done we are very excited to be able to take this next step in our growth. Our clientele range in age from infant to senior and many of these individuals have low or no immunity system due to their condition or disability and now for the first time we will be able to provide an extra line of defense that can help fight the many threatening infections that have reached or are reaching global concern. From the very beginning my goal for Cast Clothing has been to provide and fashionable everyday clothing option for the many individuals who live with limb conditions whether temporary or permanent and now we will be able to do this and have the added anti-bacterial protection to help reduce the risk of infection that can be picked up in every day settings. I have been asked if this only for those with a limb condition or who need modified clothing, absolutely not, once we are up and running with our custom clothing we will also be able to provide this same anti-bacterial to any of our custom clothing clients.

As we move forward with this I will be posting more about our progress. If in-the-mean-time you have questions, I invite you to drop me an email at at any time. 

Healthcare and Community Acquired Infections are a major issue in our society today and more work needs to be done to help protect all of us from the likes of MRSA, H1N1 and C-difficile as an example and we have been working with a major partner in the Infection Control arena who has the leading technology on the market and we are very excited to be able to take this to the next level for the millions of individuals who can benefit the most from the products we provide not only here in the United States but throughout the World.

All of us at The Cast Clothing Co wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2011! I invite you to check back for updates as the year progresses and if there is ever anything we can do to help you, your family or friends, please let me know.

All the best,


Antibiotic Resistant Infections, Infection Prevention Products and You…

MRSA, H1N1, C-difficile…by far not the only viral, bacterial or fungal infections that play a major role in how the world views, treats and works to fight infection but also among the most serious that effect our everyday lives.

Many of the individuals that we work with at Cast Clothing are already challenged, not only with the condition that affects them, but also with low or no immunity system to help to fight these and many other antibiotic-resistant infections that can only make the existing condition harder to live with. Unfortunately, unless we personally or a family member or friend picks up an infection, most of us would never think about it and how it can affect or change our lives. Sadly, it is the condition specific or disabled who are the ones that are at the front-of-the-line for being most vulnerable in catching or dealing with these often, life-changing infections

At The Cast Clothing Co we have been working to make a difference on the products that we make available to our clients that can aid in the reduction or in some cases perhaps, the elimination of some of the many types of infection that can affect us, through the inclusion of the latest technologies that are designed to fight against these silent  enemies.

During this process we want to know your thoughts about such things as low immunity system and infection risk, known antimicrobial or infection prevention products that you would like to see or already know about, interest in buying products that can help to reduce or eliminate infection or whether you would even purchase items that were aimed to prevent the spread of infection if it were included in adaptive clothing or everyday clothing items providing for an extra level or protection and peace of mind.

Your thoughts, comments and concerns are always important to us and the basis of the products we provide and work to develop. So I personally invite and ask you to share with us and others who could benefit from your thoughts and input as well.

As always, I thank you for your time and help with your feedback and knowing that if we can help just one person then we have made a difference in someones life!  


Welcome to the Cast Clothing Co Blog

I am very excited to get this blog up and running so that I can hear from you directly about your individual needs when it comes to Adaptive and Custom-made Adaptive Clothing.

Oh but before we get to that, I am Mike Harding, the owner and President of The Cast Clothing Co, we provide fashionable, everyday adaptive and custom-made adaptive clothing for individuals who may live with one of a variety of conditions that affects their limbs, whether temporary or permanent, and what they can wear. There is no reason why living with a condition to your limb should hold you back from going about your daily routine, I developed Cast Clothing to accommodate the clothing needs of people who have have always found it hard to wear clothing due to their individual, specific condition. Our goal is to take away the self-consciousness that many people with conditions live with and to return the dignity to ones life that we all deserve. (Side note: I prefer to use “condition specific” rather than “disability”, so when possible I will)

Ok, enough about me, (I can get into more if you want so just let me know) I want to know more about you and what your needs are. This blog is to do just that, a place where we can all share the trials and tribulations, frustrations and joys that you may go through on a daily basis when it comes to clothing, dressing and/or finding clothing that actually fits you and your specific need and to create an atmosphere where we can help each other. Of course this goes without saying, let’s all be respectful of the others who are here with us.

So whether you may have a broken arm or leg and wear a cast, brace or compression wrap, live with Lymphedema or wear a prosthesis, use a wheel/mobility chair, have diabetes, Military men or women who have returned with an injury that affects how you now live your life , or have any other condition or disability that affects your limb or limbs, I invite you to share that with us.

In this blog I am going to share stories, news bits, articles, upcoming events that we will be participating in, helpful links, and just about anything else I can find that will be of some help to you. I am going to ask professional’s from various organizations, companies, hospitals, rehabilitation specialists and just about anyone else you may want to hear from to join us.  With my goal to have Cast Clothing be the most complete, one-stop adaptive clothing and accessory company out there, I want this site to be the most complete and informative adaptive site on the web.

Thank you for joining us and lets get this party started…..